General informations

Building automations are working 24 hours a day sometime in aggressive industrial environment, so it is obvious that technical failures happen. For troubleshooting our company offers a proper repair service.  In addition, the service is available for every colleague operating ELCON systems to answer their question to help their work.


The additional hours and weekends in order to solve ongoing problems we ensure a duty for our clients.
The Elcon’s phone number is exclusively reserved for this, so the colleague on duty is available seven days a week from 8am to 22pm. From 22pm to 8am answering machine is receiving the calls. The failure reported during the night is the first to answer to our colleagues next morning.

Remote Monitoring

According to our experience, if the system allows, monitoring is a solution for upcoming failures. This communication via phone line connects the system with ELCON’s central monitoring system, which allows monitoring in real time, operational process checking, and if needed, to intervene without physical presence. Remote monitoring helps to fix failures, because we can diagnose the problem properly before we get to the site.
Remote monitoring can be set up, by ordering, to existing systems also.

Customer Support

During occasional maintenance, we check the devices, which were installed by ELCON. If abrasion, failure appears we repair it. We check if the accuracy of the measurements is still accurate, and calibrate it if needed. We check communication system and the monitoring computer. We valuate the operation with the operator, and recommend a more efficient operation. We keep the operational documents up to date. If a failure appears, we troubleshoot on site, in the time we guaranteed in the contract. If there is a remote monitoring system we regularly check if it works properly, and intervene if needed. We keep in touch with the operator constantly.

Business Conditions

We can only offer a service for a company if it downloads/prints the Business Conditions and signs it duly, then send it to us as an order. Then the ordered service can be billed after fulfillment.