Company profile

Our company designs and implements building automation and building management systems for owners and investors of different types and spaces. We undertake to maintain existing facilities and support their economical operation. Due to the types of facilities we encounter different tasks and specialties.

Systems implemented by ELCON ELECTRONIC Ltd. according to construction groups:


  • industrial buildings: warehouses, factories, plants,
  • office buildings: office buildings, offices, centers,
  • transport and communications buildings,
  • malls, hypermarkets, plazas, large and retail buildings,
  • banks and branches,
  • schools, universities, colleges and research institutes,
  • buildings used for worship and religious activities,
  • entertainments, public buildings (theaters, libraries)
  • historic buildings,
  • hospital and other health and social care institutions,
  • hotels and hostel-type buildings (hotels, apartments)
  • residential parks, community dwellings,
  • sports and recreational buildings, sports halls.


They are suitable for partial or total automation of the mechanical and electrical systems of these buildings and for local and remote monitoring of these systems.