The Hungarian Parliament created the Act LIII of 1995 on the General Rules of Environmental Protection. Based on this act, the Parliament created the Act LXXVIII of 1997 on the Development and Protection of the Built Environment afterwards. A number of Government and Ministerial Decrees were issued based on the Act LXXVIII. The most important Decrees can be found below.

  • Government Decree 253/1997 (20th of December) on National Requirements of Spatial Planning and Building (OTÉK)
  • Decree 40/1997 (21st of December) of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (KTM) on the ordering procedure by the building authority
  • KTM Decree 43/1997 (2nd of December) on building penalty
  • KTM Decree 45/1997 (29th of December) on the requirements for the content of architectural technical plan documentations procedure of building
  • KTM Decree 46/1997 (29th of December) on public licensing procedure of building affairs connected to certain buildings, building works and building activities
  • KTM Decree 48/1997 (29th of December) on the detailed regulations on building inspection

As a result of legislation, the projects are transparent and unambiguous. Legislation ensures that the transparency of the state-supported projects can be maintained. The most notable legislation has been the Act XL of 1995 on Public Procurement. Since the elimination of the Hungarian Code of Investments in 1968, it has been the first Act that includes that the investor has to employ a technician to control the running projects.

Section 74, paragraph 2 of the Act XL of 1995

In the course of fulfilling a contract concluded for the purpose of a construction project, based on the procedure regulated in this Act, the party concluding the project as inviter of bids shall monitor the work through its appointed local representative (technical controller) under the conditions defined in a separate legal rule.