ISO 9001:2015

With the aim of achieving successful market participation and meeting customer needs and expectations, Elcon Electronic Control Automation and Trading Ltd.

•    is constantly striving to update and improve our products,
•    is supplying energy saving and environmentally friendly products,
•    is widening and updating its range of services depending on the customers’ expectations,
•    requires its suppliers and sub-contractors to adopt Elcon Electronic Ltd.’s quality policy guidelines, which contributes to the production of high quality goods and the performance of the services,
•    ensures that the customer needs are documented and satisfied precisely,
•    promotes that its staff find modern solutions to the customers’ technical problems by deepening and improving professional knowledge,
•    ensures the highest possible level of technical safety of its products through internal organizational tasks and technical development,
•    is conscientious about the professional handling of waste, waste minimization and promotes recycling,
•    ensures the employee’s health and safety at work by improving the working conditions constantly,
•    aims to identify and eliminates potential failures by implementing an adequate monitoring system,
•    ensures that the agenda of the official meetings at any level includes the issues of quality and customer needs.

Improving quality management system constantly is an everyday task and responsibility of the managers. Employee’s and moral obligations includes the support of the quality policy, the accurate completion of daily tasks and the proposals for correction deriving form being committed to the quality.

 01.04.2006 Budapest, Hungary

On behalf of the management team,

Tibor Erdélyi
General Manager

ISO 9001:2000 certification