The Past

Company history

Our company is specialized in building automation systems, including the designing, production and distribution of heating, cooling and air conditioning systems. Furthermore, we also provide professional advices on these fields.

Since our establishment in February 1991, we have achieved overwhelming results, and in turn, become a serious rival of the major international corporations represented in Hungary. As a result of our effective corporate policy, professional engineers and the quality of our products, we have a strong position on the Hungarian market.

The corporation founders gained their professional experiences at CSŐSZER Ltd. and CLH Ltd. Moreover, they expanded their knowledge by participating in international study trips and exhibitions. The practical experiences enabled them to look at the mechanical problems from the practical point of view when they carried out development work in corporation with other organizations. As a result of the professional experiences, the technical level and efficiency of their solutions to the challenges have become competitive.

The main activities of our company include the design and implementation of automation systems. Moreover, Elcon Electronic Ltd. also distributes automation components. Being a representative of foreign corporations, we provide a wide range of air conditioning automation products including valves, thermostat, and pressostat, sensors and control devices.

Since its establishment, our company has developed commonly used automation devices, which won significant professional awards. During the development process, the largest and most important project was implementing the building automation system.

The building information system, DIGINET, is a digital and modular control, integration and regulation system. The system enables us to control the operation of automation systems and other devices in larger establishments (such as hospitals, hotels and theatres) centrally. The advantages of DIGINET involve saving energy, giving users a high level of operational comfort, reducing the number of maintenance staff, achieving longer lifetimes for the mechanical devices and the recording of operating conditions. The regulation system software was also developed by Elcon Electronic Ltd.

Our company’s most important products include the digital control system, the SYSTEM 500 product family. Devices, which belong to this product family, can be combined or used separately. They provide a complete air conditioning solution, such as the control of cooling and heating systems, shutter control and humidity control systems.

The above-mentioned Elcon devices are working reliably in several air conditioning systems. Our partners are assisted by the online consulting and service department of  Elcon Electronic Ltd.

We hope you will become our partner soon.

A Brief Summary of our Company History:

  • 1991: the set-up of Elcon Electronic Ltd.
  • 1992: the production of S1000, the first digital control device
  • 1993: production of the graphics software, Graphcont 2.0
  • 1996: S2000 DDC was put on the market
  • 1996: new generation of the building control sub-system, S2000 DDC, on the market
  • 1996: a new digital control system, the SYSTEM 500 product family was released
  • 1997: production of the graphics software, Graphcont 2.0
  • 1997: our latest development: the building control sub-system, S2100 DDC
  • 1998: the product family of DDC module control system was developed
  • 2002: the SYSTEM 600 DDC product family was released
  • 2003: Graphcont 3.0 was developed
  • 2004: new generation of the Room Controller and Power-Line Monitor modules were put on the market
  • 2006: SYS-100-L, SYS-100-F products were introduced
  • 2008: our graphics software, Graphcont, was completed with the energy information system, EG-Info
  • 2009: SYSTEM 700 DDC product family was released
  • 2010: EGINFO Energy managment system
  • 2010: VISION Building surveillance indicator software
  • 2011: The Merit Award for CLIMATE FRIEND 2011 of the HUNGARIAN QUALITY PRODUCT AWARD® was this year awarded to ELCON ELECTRONIC Ltd. for DIALOG III facility automation system
  • 2012: we developed EGKP
  • 2013: ENERGRADE energy management system
  • 2014: ELTAKO Partnership
  • 2015: Promoting energy management certification  (ISO 50001), program integrated
  • 2015: Premium Building Product - Smoke and Heat Control System (E-HFR) won the trademark of Premium Building Product 
  • 2016: Innovative brand category we received Magyar Brands.