Project Services

  • Creating building power, automation and monitoring system construction and final plans
  • Building automation, and monitoring system control units’ transportation
  • Building automation and control panel manufacturing, site delivery, installation, electrical wiring
  • Building automation system power transmission and low voltage wiring, cable case structure building, blocking switch transport and electric wiring
  • Mechanical system’s metal components integration into the EPH system in the engine-house, shock protection measurement with minute-book
  • Automation device installation, electric wiring
  • High voltage machines (fans, pumps) electric wiring, and direction tests
  • DDC device programming (user software)
  • Building monitoring computer center (IBM compatible PC, 19” display, inkjet printer, speakers, keyboard, mouse, modem) installing with central control system, voice or text message alert function
  • Building monitoring server programming, generating databases, graphical picture editing, and installing
  • Connecting the monitoring system to ELCON’s center system for further maintenance and other task support (local IT assistance is needed)
  • Automation system installation and adjustment
  • Creating system documentation and user's manual
  • Operator training

Warranty (Guarantee)

ELCON Electronic Ltd guarantees 12 warranty for it’s products and services.If the manufacturer has voluntarily extended warranty, then the original, the warranty will be forwarded to the buyer. In case of second hand products or services then the warranty is valid for 6 months.

In case of complex product manufacturing, service, or projects, guaranteed warranty will be recorded in the contract, which can be longer than the provided if there is a mutual agreement between the partners, or it can be linked to the progress status. In such cases, product and service warranty period agreed by the partners.

According to the specialty of the project service, our company can only maintain warranty on case of proper operation and maintenance, because our products, and solutions we integrate into system are unique and need expertise. In order of that our company provides the operator an appropriate level of information, education.

Our company is responsible for the properly used products and system solutions (if the damage is caused by the product).

Exception from the responsibility:
1. Prime contractor

  • If the failure is the consequence of the customer’s instruction
  • If the failure is caused by the customer’s patron
  • If the failure is caused by the improper operation

2. Subcontractor

  • If the failure is caused by the final product, system structure, or the components

Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction, so we do our best to keep business conditions as extensive as possible, and to take customer expectations into consideration.