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Smoke- and heat control system - E-HFR

Excellent Building Product - Smoke- and heat control system

The E-HFR Heat and Smoke Control System manufactured by Elcon Electronic Kft., on the basis of statutory mandatory performance, certifications and voluntary additional performance of the manufacturer, on March 15, 2006, won the Excellent Building Product® certification and the right to use the certification mark.

EBP Diploma can be downloaded from here



What is the Heat and Smoke Control System? E-HFR

The E-HFR system is primarily a system of programmable electronic devices capable of controlling heat and smoke (HF) systems, processing of HF structures and other system components, equipment status, operation, warning and fault signals.

Based on the 305/2011 / EU "CPR" and 275/2013. government regulations, it is considered as a construction product, as its performance affects the fire safety of buildings as a core performance requirement.

For placing on the market, planning and installation it owes the National Technical Assessment, complying with prEN 12101-9: 2008 8.2 Class-1 and all applicable and verifiable requirements, also has a valid Performance Standards Certificate and manufacturer’s Performance Statement, certifying compliance with the test and manufacturing requirements for use, as a construction product. 

E-HFR Power Declaration can be downloaded from here

ÉMI Execution Certificate of Constellation can be downloaded from here


What is the Heat and Smoke Control System suitable for? E-HFR

The E-HFR system is designed to meet the requirements for the qualified structures of the natural and mechanical heat and smoke extraction (HF) system of the building and the characteristics of the expected smoke development, in a way that is essential to the life and property protection of the various structures, and coordinated control, in order to provide the conditions for evacuation and fire-fighting, eg.: on escape routes, smoke-free staircases, enclosed corridors, elevator lobbies, garages, etc. To facilitate the formation of smoke-free air layers of the right height and to prevent the spread of smoke and heat to adjacent smoke and fire sections.

The E-HFR system safely performs the processing of state and error signals of the mechanical and building structure systems and constituents with other similar security systems requiring electrical input and operation, sensing their environmental parameters, controlling and operating their controlling and intervening elements, additional automation tasks - communication, integration, visualization and maintenance support.