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Building surveillance with us!

Vision X9 – Building surveillance indicator software (Downloadable demo)

The Vision process indicator system’s (SCADA) new version, the X-series, is one of the fastest, most adaptable, graphically most spectacular out of the object-oriented full solution offering process indicator systems. The program is capable to build a surveillance system including many components, and allows to control thousands of user pictures, and hundred thousands of data points, although it doesn’t require a high performance computer. It is capable to collect data in different formats, and it also can store it in external database (Oracle, Ms, Sql…. etc.), so it is possible to supply company management systems with data, or collect from them (SAP). It can indicate logged data in it’s own graphic drawer.

Many standard communication protocols can be found in the program (MODBUS, OPC, etc.), which helps to easily integrate outside system elements into ELCON’s building supervisor system. In the program the fully functioning application can also be reached trough web browser.


The Vision X’s limitless scaling is not only capable of variables, pictures, reports, online input but also modification, and also allows to develop new types of variable, and system elements.

In the Vision X has the most modern components and computer solutions.


Key features:
The VISION process indicating system has many services for the fully comprehensive problem solving. Here are the most important ones:

  • Double buffering, to avoid flashing animation
  • Multilingual, international projects supporting
  • Fully programmable (pictures, communication, event handling, data processing)
  • Full server client network control, multiserver system architecture
  • Phone line network with open (IP) or closed protocol (DFS) usage
  • Web based networks, multi web-technology
  • Outside programing via phone line or local network
  • 512 changes/10ms (51200 changes/second) network speed
  • Multiserver and redundant network systems, multiple data storage
  • Multilevel 10ms cycle timed communication
  • Built in high performance database control unit, external (SQL) data connection
  • Analytic graphic services (camera, shades, point of view, metamorphosis, etc.)
  • Automatic line drawing, linear animation
  • High-speed graphical visualization  (50-400/second)
  • 3D visualization, analytical symbol drawing, intelligent (configurable) symbols
  • Complex symbols (multiple animation options)
  • Professional (e.g. 3D Studio) animation options
  • Automatic data collecting features, listings, post table creating, trend drawing
  • Modeling application subsystems containing repetitive subsystems for giant application development
  • Systems integration capabilities, multiple independent applications simultaneous handling
  • Independent integration of Windows applications VISION environment
  • Event Recording and playback
  • Dynamic external data connections, for example Excel (DDE server, client, NetDDE, OLE)
  • COM / DCOM interface for external programs
  • OLE server, installation and automation (e.g.Winword or Excel spreadsheet documents produced, saved and printed out in Vision)
  • All common database management through a built-in SQL task module
  • OPC (OLE for Process Control) Integration
  • Complete Audit Trail (data tracking)
  • Application of international standards: 21 CFR Standard Part 11
  • Graphics drivers, state transition control, batch control
  • Export options for PDF, HTML, RichText, text, and SQL format

The VISION program is a fully task solving process indicator system in the complete solution category. The more complex calculations, data processes, database control, multilevel network handling can also be done by the VISION program’s own element resources.